A natural woman

Aretha Franklin’s powerful performance at Kennedy Center Honors brings Obama to tears

President Barack Obama had to wipe away tears during Aretha Franklin’s moving rendition of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” for the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors’ tribute to Carole King. As Franklin, 73, takes the stage in a beige dress and a fur coat and sits down at a piano, King, 73, who co-wrote the iconic song in 1967, seems almost in disbelief that the moment is really happening. Mouth wide, she repeatedly covers her face, eyes brimming.

And her eyes weren’t the only ones burning. Obama is caught wiping away tears from the corner of his eye, and later swaying to the music with his eyes closed. Soon King is singing along from the crowd, and Franklin rises from the piano and takes center stage as the song crescendoes. Letting her coat fall, Franklin unleashes the full range of her voice, drawing the whole crowd to its feet. She may be 73, but there’s still no-one who sings quite like la Franklin.

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