5 times the female experience was brought to life on film in 2015

Scenes from "The Diary of a Teenage Girl." (Facebook/The Diary of a Teenage Girl)

While 2015 had its ups and its downs for women and film — from the launch of Geena’s Davis’s new Bentonville Film Festival to exposure of the abysmal gender pay gap — the New Republic’s Elaine Teng has noted how much the boundaries were positively pushed on representations of women, breaking down some of the scenes from the year’s releases that best captured the female experience.

Among her highlights are a moment of intimate female solidarity in Suffragette; the treatment of sexual desire in The Diary of a Teenage Girl and “the learning and performance of womanhood” in The Danish Girl. “Watching these movies was thrilling, but also sad; I realized what I had been missing all the years of watching primarily men’s stories on screen,” she writes.

Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne in a scene from "The Danish Girl." (Facebook/The Danish Girl movie)

Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne in a scene from “The Danish Girl.” (Facebook/The Danish Girl movie)

Read all of Teng’s picks at The New Republic.

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