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What women think

The truth about those New Year’s resolutions is revealed

By WITW Staff on December 30, 2015

It’s that time again — as the calendar turns to another year, we take stock of our lives and look for ways to improve ourselves. The result: the obligatory set of New Year’s resolutions. But what do women really think about them? Refinery29 set out to shed some light on just that and polled 1,000 women on the ins and outs of resolution making — and breaking. Some of the interesting takeaways: The majority of those polled said they don’t plan to make resolutions for 2016, however 41 percent of respondents believe their resolutions will last forever. There’s much more interesting insight into the psychology of resolutions, including that almost one-third of people find resolutions and everything surrounding them to be anxiety causing. And the top three resolution topics may not come as a surprise to many, though they differ a bit when responses from Millennial women are carved out from the larger pool of responses.

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