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Ivanka Trump defends her father, says he’s a “highly gender-neutral” insulter

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with his daughter Ivanka Trump on July 30, 2015 in Ayr, Scotland. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

The woman Fox News chief Roger Ailes sees as “the secret weapon of the entire Trump organization” has come to Donald Trump’s defense in a new interview. Ivanka Trump, the Republican frontrunner’s most well-known child, spoke out to Town & Country magazine and specifically addressed some of her her father’s harsh remarks directed at women during the course of the 2016 race. The interview comes as Trump finds himself embroiled in a feud over sexism with Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. But the questions Ivanka answered were in reference to Trump’s caustic comments about rival Carly Fiorina’s appearance and Fox News host Megyn Kelly. “You could also list a few comments he’s made about men that are unflattering,” Ivanka told the magazine. “I think he’s highly gender-neutral. If he doesn’t like someone he’ll articulate that, and I think it’s also part of what resonates about him. He’ll say what he’s thinking. I think that’s very refreshing, because with most politicians I’ve witnessed, you have no idea if what’s coming out of their mouths is married to their viewpoints.”

But is the Donald a feminist? Town & Country actually put that question to Ivanka, who replied that the query should be asked directly of her father, but she elaborated that, in her view, “He 100 percent believes in equality of gender, so, yes, absolutely — socially, politically, and economically.” She added that he has the “confidence in women to do any job that a man can do, and my whole life has been proof of that.” For what it’s worth, Ivanka’s sentiment about how her father treats women in the workplace rings true with what some of Trump’s former women recalled about working for the brash real estate tycoon over the years. They said he helped them grow and mentored them.

Town & Country pressed Ivanka on whether her father respects women. “Well clearly,” her response began, before she explained what she sees as the evidence that he does.

Read the full story at Town & Country magazine.

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