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China calls for apology from Japanese for “comfort women”

Tokyo, JAPAN: Japanese women hold portraits of Chinese, Philippine, South Korean and Taiwanese former comfort women who were sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II, at a protest held in front of the Japanese parliament in Tokyo, 14 June 2007. (TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

This week, Japan and South Korea reached an $8.3 million aid agreement regarding World War II sex slaves known as “comfort women” but China has shown skepticism and released a statement calling on the Japanese government to do more to address the wounds of the Chinese women affected.

“During the Second World War, Japanese militarism forcefully recruited ‘comfort women’ across China,” spokesman Lu Kang said. “They have committed a grave crime. We urge the Japanese side to take seriously the concerns of the relevant parties and deal properly with the issue.”

The Wall Street Journal said the comments echo China’s long-standing rhetoric against Japan, “which intensified in 2012 over a territorial dispute between the two over uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.”

Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal.


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