Brazil gets first political party specifically for women, yet dominated by men

A woman passes graffiti of the Brazilian flag, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A new political party in Brazil known as the Party of the Brazilian Woman aims to increase the representation of women in Congress in the country, though only two of its officers are women and it is firmly non-feminist and anti-abortion. “Obviously we want to attract more women,” said the party’s founder and president, Suêd Haidar, 59. “That’s something we are working really hard to do.”

According to the Guardian, Brazil is home to one of the world’s highest levels of violence against women, a 40 percent pay gap between sexes, and a political system where only 53 out of 513 Congress members are women. So a political party aimed at increasing women’s visibility is good news, for some. “I think the lack of women in Brazilian politics is representative of the gender inequality as a whole in the country,” said Luciana Ramos, a professor of law at the Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo.

Sued Haidar in campaign material for the Partido da Mulher Brasileira. (Facebook/PMB)

PMB founder and president, Sued Haidar, in campaign material for the Partido da Mulher Brasileira. (Facebook/PMB)

The party has attracted an odd mix of supporters so far, including evangelicals, “security hardliners,” “old-fashioned leftists” and a senator who decamped from another party after being accused of sexually abusing his niece, according to the report. Still, Ramos said that the existence of the party and the fact that it is helmed by a woman, which makes it unique among Brazil’s 34 other political parties, is a hopeful sign for the women of Brazil.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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