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(Jake Chessum/The New York Times)

Hands on

Susan Sarandon embeds in Greece, blogging about her work with arriving refugees

December 29, 2015

Since December 20, actor Susan Sarandon has been hosting an immersive reporting series called “The Crossing,” about the arrival of Middle Eastern refugees to Greece. Sarandon has been blogging for RYOT and The Huffington Post from the island of Lesbos, where she has already greeted refugees as they arrive; spent time learning from them about their experience and mucked in with the volunteers from the Dirty Girls of Lesbos Island to launder sodden clothes and blankets abandoned on the beaches and redistribute them — refreshed — to refugee camps. “I wanted to see firsthand what the crossing was like for these refugees — to hear their stories and their hopes for the future. I’ll try to give them a voice,” she wrote. “And to help the many volunteers — local and international — who are giving their time and energy during this crisis. I also came here to honor my grandfather who left Italy for America at 15 to escape the war.”

Sarandon encourages readers to view a 3-minute 360-degree virtual reality film that chronicles the refugee experiences.

Read all Sarandon’s blog entries from Lesbos at RYOT.


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