Sisters discover one another after more than 70 years, thanks to “Christmas miracle”

Two Pennsylvania women received an extraordinary gift last week, when they discovered they were sisters who had been put up for adoption by their mother more than 70 years earlier. Barbara Smith, 78, of Pottsville and Sandra Fitzgerald, 77, of Apollo met for the first time on Sunday.

Fitzgerald’s son-in-law, Carl Trusiak, made the discovery while studying his family tree. Both women had the same mother but Smith had been adopted by relatives at 9 months old (and believed herself an only child) and Fitzgerald was adopted outside the family as a baby. They were told the news last Tuesday.

“There was just enough right on that tree that it led me to start searching for you,” Trusiak explained to Smith and family members. “I didn’t even know what I was looking for, or even that (Smith existed).”

Five minutes after being told the news, Fitzgerald called her long-lost sister on the phone. They met for the first time five days later, agreeing it was the best day they’d had since besides having their children.

“Can you imagine, to find this out right before Christmas?” Smith’s daughter-in-law Lori Smith said. “It really is a Christmas miracle.”

Read the full story at The Trib Live.

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