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Life hack

“Penny In Yo Pants” is a God-send for skirt-loving cyclists

By WITW Staff on December 28, 2015

When it comes to riding a bike in a skirt, the struggle is real: the lovely fabric of your favorite summer outfit inevitably ends up getting tangled in spokes, or flying into the air in cringe-worthy moments of indecent exposure. Fortunately, a Scottish woman has come up with an ingenious invention to help women feel the summer’s breeze without showcasing their undergarments to the general public. Johanna Holtan, 33, and her friends initially used a penny and a rubber band to turn their skirts into culottes. A YouTube video showcasing the technique — which involves sliding the coin up a skirt and securing the fabric with a rubber band — was viewed more than three million times. “I was actually embarrassed when I heard,” Holtan told The Scotsman, “[because] on the video, I’m almost flashing to three million strangers.”

In the wake of the video’s success, the friends are now preparing to launch a commercial version of their “life hack.” The epically named “Penny In Yo Pants” will consist of a faux-leather circle and an aluminum coin, which can be used to create “legs” in a skirt. Holtan and Co. have promised to donate half of the proceeds to the Afghan women’s cycling team.

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