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Indian women tell of their first experiences with sexual harassment


Indian women have recounted their first experiences with sexual harassment in a new video from Old Delhi Films, highlighting individual experiences of what many say is a national problem in the country. The women start by listing the ages at which they first experienced harassment, for some as early as 7 or 8.

“There’s a servant who works in the house, and used to be very friendly with me,” one woman recounts. “Then he started pulling my hair which was very uncomfortable for me and started doing weird things which were quite uncomfortable for me.”

The women were all college students at Delhi University who participated in the video. According to the report, a 2012 Times of India survey found that nearly 70 percent of women had been subject to lewd comments and a quarter had been groped or molested by men.

“It was around 7 a.m. and I took my dog out for a walk and there were two guys peeing, “ another woman says. “They noticed I was coming they turned and were showing their dick and I was surprised and shocked and I ran back home and told my parents about it.”

The women implore viewers to “start speaking up” about harassment.


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