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Tina Fey attends the "Sisters" New York premiere on December 8, 2015. (Brad Barket/Getty Images)

"Mean Girl"

Tina Fey frocks up and gives candid interview about life and career

By WITW Staff on December 26, 2015

In an interview with high-fashion retailer Net-A-Porter, writer, actress, and producer Tina Fey pulled no punches analyzing both her past and present. “For me,” she says, “it was about hitting age 13 and realizing, ‘OK, I’m not going to glide by on looks.'” She turned to humor, and results at first were mixed. “The desire to be funny… is a coping mechanism, another way of ingratiating yourself. But when you’re 13 and trying to be funny around boys, you end up mocking them and it backfires. You terrify them.”

As a young teenager, Tina says she was the “Mean Girl,” but that nowadays mean girls scare her. Seeing her worse tendencies surface already in her four-year-old daughter is both a source of pride and alarm: “The ability to be very cutting that I have – to size someone up and think, ‘This would hurt you, if I said this’ – she has it already… I secretly regard it as a sign of great intelligence, but it’s something that must be managed.”

Perhaps above all, Fey hopes to teach her daughter not to pursue fame for its own sake: “being famous is the least important part of anything,” says the star. “It’s a by-product… This society is raising children who want to be famous for nothing, to just have followers.”


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