“You’re my sausage”

Jennifer Lawrence’s BFF wants to make sure she’s not replaced by Amy Schumer

(Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images)

When a picture surfaced earlier this year of Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence enjoying themselves on a jetski, it got a lot of people excited about the burgeoning friendship between two of Hollywood’s most likeable celebrities. The excitement only grew when it was announced that the dynamic duo was planning on making a movie together and had already started drafting a script. One person who apparently didn’t share the excitement, however, was Laura Simpson — Lawrence’s lesser known BFF. She was the actress’ date to the Academy Awards this year, and gained some brief internet fame when Lawrence stumbled on the red carpet and pulled her down with her (she later wrote a very funny blogpost on the whole incident.)

On Andy Cohen’s What Happens Live on Tuesday, Simpson called into the show to ask her visibly stunned BFF: “Jen, I want to clear this up once and for all. Who is your best friend? Me or Amy Schumer?” However, Lawrence was quick to respond: “You sausage! You know I love you,” before explaining to the host that Simpson was upset over the jet ski pictures.”You’re my sausage, nobody else could ever — well, that sounds wrong …” She went on to reassure her friend. Glad we cleared that one up!

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