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Malaysian entrepreneur glams up the hijab

By WITW Staff on December 24, 2015

Malaysian entrepreneur Vivy Sofinas Yusof was already a successful retailer when she posted a photo of herself in a headscarf on Instagram in late 2013. But with the image, her popularity soared. Informed by the upswell of affection the photo drew from other women who wear the traditional head covering, Yusof and her company FashionValet soon launched a new line of high-end headscarves “for stylish ladies who appreciate a dash of luxury in their lives.”

Malaysia is predominantly Muslim, but there is no law saying that women must cover their heads, as in countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran. Malaysia women are free to glam up their hijabs and the “dUCk” line complies with colors including pineapple breeze and cookie monster.

Many fans have told Yusof she’s inspired them to wear the headscarf as well, something that doesn’t sit well with the 28-year-old fashionista. “Once they see you as a hijab icon, you’re automatically a Muslim icon,” Yusof told the New Yorker, adding that she doesn’t feel knowledgeable enough about Islam to be an advocate and saying one shouldn’t wear the headscarf because they idolize someone else.

Yusof also has a fair number of critics who leave comments if her hair peeks out or they deem her clothing immodest. Despite the detractors, Yusof, tight pants and all, has been featured in media outlets owned by the Malaysian government and the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

Read the full story at The New Yorker.


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