Season of giving

Girl, 9, donates all of her birthday presents to the poor

(Weymouth Police Department)

With Christmas quickly approaching, a Massachusetts girl with a mid-December birthday has won praise for being an extraordinary example of selflessness. Sivana Athanas of Weymouth, Massachusetts, made a donation to the local Toys for Tots last week — and all of the items she donated were brand new, and unopened. She’d just celebrated her ninth birthday, and had a plan to do something altruistic for those who are less fortunate than her. So she gave away all of her birthday gifts. The show of generosity caught the attention of the local police department, which informed the community of the selfless act by posting photos of Sivana and the toys she was parting ways with on Facebook. “The remarkable thing about this story is that the toys that Athanas donated to Toys for Tots were gifts that she had just received for her birthday! What a wonderful gesture,” the police department said in the Facebook post. And, to reward her generosity, the police gave her a special gift. No word on whether she’ll give that away too.

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