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(Facebook/Florence Adepoju)
(Facebook/Florence Adepoju)

Lip service

Entrepreneur creates brand of vibrantly-colored lipsticks inspired by hip hop

By WITW Staff on December 24, 2015

When she was a teenager, Florence Adepoju worked at a Benefit makeup counter in London. The company often released products that didn’t suit her dark skin, so after earning a degree in applied chemistry, Adepoju decided to launch a line of lipsticks that would be accessible to women with a darker complexion. The resulting brand, MDMFlow, offers up an array of boldly-colored, luxe lipsticks inspired by Adepoju’s love for hip hop. Vibrant oranges, greens, blues, and yellows are among the hues of MDMFlow’s lipsticks, which boast names like “Milkshake” (after the song by Kelis) and “Two Chains” (after the rapper 2 Chainz). “It’s not Halloween makeup,” Adepoju told the New York Times. “These are colors people can actually wear.”

Adepoju hand-makes the lipsticks in a shed in her parents’ backyard, sometimes staying up all night to fill orders. MDMFlow is currently being sold at the Topshop in London’s Oxford Circus, at Colette in Paris, and on the website Nasty Gal.

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