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No bueno

Hillary Clinton says she’s “just like your abuela,” faces backlash over Hispandering

By WITW Staff on December 23, 2015

“7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela,” is a new Buzzfeed-style listicle that appeared on the presidential candidate’s campaign website yesterday — explaining why Hillary is just like your (Hispanic) grandmother. With several photos, GIFs and quotes from Clinton, the post tells us what face she makes when people “le faltan el respeto” or what the “one word” is she has for Donald Trump (¡Basta!). All this was too obvious an attempt at appealing to millennial Hispanic voters for many Latinos, who took to Twitter to accuse Hillary of “Hispandering.”

“If this is where the Clinton campaign is going, it might as well just be completely transparent about the fact that all it wants to do is Hispander like no one has Hispandered before,” wrote Latino news website Latino Rebels, adding “The Clinton campaign needs to get serious about the young Latino vote and start respecting it. Votes are earned, not expected.” While some on social media made light of the post, others were upset and shared their own reasons why Hillary is not just like their grandmother, with the hashtag #NotMyAbuela.

Clinton has been working hard on securing the Latino vote — building a strong network of Latino leaders and activists and racking up endorsements from people like labor leader Dolores Huerta and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro, celebrities like Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony, and by targeting Latino voters with an aggressive texting campaign.

Read the full story at Mashable.


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