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Upper hand

Woman knocks out man with just one punch after being sexually assaulted

By WITW Staff on December 22, 2015

A woman in the town of Inezgane, Morocco, was caught on video as she knocked a man unconscious with one punch, after he pinched her bottom. On the surveillance footage, posted by LiveLeaks, you can see the attacker groping the woman’s bottom, after which she spins around and hits him in the back of the head, sending the man crashing into a stack of rugs in a nearby shop. The unidentified man reportedly did not regain consciousness for another two hours, which appears to have been caused by him hitting his head on the shop’s floor as he fell down.

Earlier this year, the markets of Inezgane were the setting for another sexist incident, as two young women were arrested on gross indecency charges for wearing short skirts, after they had been heckled by street vendors. The case caused national outcry in the country, but the two women were eventually acquitted after thousands signed a petition for their release.

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