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Rise of anti-abortion protests in the UK draws out counter-protesters

Members of the SisterSupporter community. (Facebook/SisterSupporter)

A group of pro-choice women in London, England, have taken a page out of the opposition’s book: marching outside abortion clinics to counter the messages being shouted at clients by anti-abortion groups. SisterSupporter, made up primarily of young women, brings megaphones and banners proclaiming the right of women to choose abortion, while conservative groups hand out fliers to women entering the clinic warning them that they will later regret their choices. “I saw how they approached women and used pictures and models of fetuses to try and discourage them from going inside. I felt that there needed to be a consistent and concentrated effort to oppose them,” organizer Anna Veglio-White told Broadly. “All the local people I know are just as unhappy about the vigils, so I decided to harness their outrage to try and do something.”

A SisterSupporter member proclaiming the right of women to choose abortion. (Facebook/SisterSupporter

A SisterSupporter member proclaims the right to choose abortion. (Facebook/SisterSupporter

The protests mirror a larger campaign, called Back Off, asking the UK government to protect women from being approached by protesters outside abortion clinics. Organizers say that anti-abortion protests have increased around the country in recent years as a spillover effect from the anti-abortion campaigns in the United States, and that women need greater protection from harassment.

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