“Real men” band together to end gender-based violence in Malawi

Children walk to school in Phalembo, Malawi. (Moises Saman/The New York Times)

In Malawi, men are joining the conversation to end gender based violence. The “real men” project in the village of Nangaonde, launched through the Tadzuka Women Forum (TAWOFO), through Ufulu wa Amayi (UWAMA) and with financial backing from ActionAid Ireland, aims to end gender based-violence and promote girls’ rights. There are currently three groups of around 80 “real men” taking part in the year of training activities.

“Out of all the countries ActionAid supports like Nepal, Kenya, Vietnam, it is only Malawi that is actively involving men in the fight against gender based violence and child abuse,” said Siobhan McGee, a director with ActionAid Ireland, at a gathering in Chiradzulu.

“Men are perpetrators of gender based violence, however, if they are taught on the effects of these malpractices they become aware hence being agencies of change in the communities,” said TAWOFO executive director Chrissy Magombo.

Read the full story at Malawi24.

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