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Hillary Clinton making concerted effort to build coalition of Millennial women voters

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Despite a report last week that many younger women who fall into the Millennial generation are less than impressed with Hillary Clinton — a point they disagree on with their moms — the Democratic frontrunner is making numerous efforts to develop support among what’s viewed as an all-important voting bloc. Sure, the Clinton camp has gotten some mileage out of big celeb endorsements from Katy Perry and Lena Dunham, who will reportedly head to Iowa to campaign for Clinton in the near future. But, what campaign staffers say is making the bigger difference is the effort that’s largely below the radar. Yes, Clinton is making splashy appearances, like the one on “Broad City,” which, as one Millennial woman remarked, “makes her really relatable.” But after Clinton has young women’s attention, she’s being careful to touch on the topics that are important to them. College affordability, campus sexual assault, and reproductive rights are all key issues, Clinton’s director of women outreach Mini Timmaraju told The Guardian. “But a lot of our younger women supporters really care just as much about immigration reform, criminal justice issues, climate change, and they have a feminist lens on a lot of those issues as well,” Timmaraju said. And it’s that intersectionality sweet spot that Clinton is trying to hit. In many cases, she’s been achieving that goal — but some younger women who might seem like shoo-ins for Hillary are still saying they support Bernie Sanders.

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