7 entrepreneurs who didn’t take no for an answer

The founders of SoulCycle, Joy Mangano, and more share their stories

For female business owners, sometimes the biggest obstacle to success is disbelief. Just ask Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, the dynamic duo who founded SoulCycle. “People usually believe in you after you’re already successful,” said Rice. “The truth is the hardest part is really the risk, the hardest part is in the beginning,” she shared at a gathering with some of the U.S.’s most successful women to discuss David O. Russell’s new film “Joy.” Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the movie chronicles the real-life struggles of Joy Mangano, an overworked mother who rose to fame after inventing the self-wringing Miracle Mop.

We caught up with seven entrepreneurs during the program who shared their advice for overcoming disbelief and being successful against all odds.

“Cinderella without a prince”: Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell on their new film “Joy”

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