New survey finds Mormons would support ordination of female priests if mandated by a prophet

A new survey put together by a group of LDS-affiliated academics has found that Mormons would support the ordination of women into the faith’s all-male priesthood if such a mandate came from a Mormon prophet. The survey was not scientific but a self-selected sample: the poll was circulated on Facebook pages for feminist and liberal Mormons, and was also sent to the 30,000 followers of Mormon Women Stand, a group that backs current LDS policy on gender. Previous surveys had found that only 10 percent of Mormons favored female ordination. But the new study rephrased the question in order to account for the Mormon belief that God speaks through his prophets, asking instead whether respondents would be supportive if a prophet said that women could be ordained. The results are stunning. Of 50,000 respondents, 77 percent of Mormon women and men said they would support or strongly support female ordination, 14 percent were neutral, and 8.7 percent said they would oppose it. Interestingly, men were even more supportive than women. Men surveyed were 86 percent in favor, compared to 73 percent of women. “When you ask the question correctly,” Ordain Women’s Debra Jenson says, “Mormons are more than open to the idea of women being ordained — and that’s really exciting.”

Read the full story at The Salt Lake Tribune.


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