“Crime has won”

Indian court decides to release one of New Delhi’s “Nirbhaya” gang-rapists

Activists burn an effigy representing the rapists of Delhi student, Nirbhaya in Hyderabad on March 6, 2015. (NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images)

The youngest of six men who were convicted of raping and murdering the 23-year old woman who became known as “Nirbhaya” on a New Delhi bus in 2012, will be released this weekend after an Indian court rejected a petition to keep him in detention past his original sentence. While four of the other attackers were sentenced to death, and a fifth committed suicide in his cell before the trial, the 17-year old was tried separately as a juvenile and convicted to three years in prison in 2013, which was seen as too lenient by protestors and the victim’s family. The government opposed his imminent release, but their petition for prolonged custody was revoked by the Delhi High Court as Indian law only allows a maximum of three years in reform homes for juvenile convicts. “Crime has won,” the victim’s mother, Asha Singh, responding to the decision. “Our efforts of three years have failed. We are very disappointed.” She had recently decided to reveal the name of her daughter, who had publicly become known as Nirbhaya or “the fearless one”, as Jyoti Singh. “Why should I hide her name? Why should I be ashamed of it?” she told CNN. “Those who committed that heinous crime on her should feel ashamed. The makers of this administrative system should feel ashamed.”

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