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Helen's Law

Mothers call for law to prevent release of murderers until they reveal location of bodies

By WITW Staff on December 17, 2015

Mothers of three murder victims in the UK are calling for the adoption of “Helen’s Law,” legislation that would force convicted murderers to disclose the locations of their victims’ bodies before they can be freed from jail. The movement is spearheaded by Marie McCourt, 72, whose daughter Helen was killed in 1988 by pub landlord Ian Simms. “To lose a loved one to murder is horrendous,” said McCourt. “But to then be denied their funeral — a chance to pay final respects and say final goodbyes — is a torture that never ends.”

Ian Simms’ conviction was the first successful murder conviction in the UK without a victim’s body, but according to McCourt, the hiding of victims’ bodies carries no substantive legal disincentives. In January, Simms is scheduled for a parole board hearing that McCourt fears will grant him his freedom. Convicted murderers released on parole have no obligation to admit guilt or reveal the locations of victims. “While in prison there is at least a small chance he might show compassion and end this torment,” she explains. “If he is freed, my last chance is gone. He could come out and literally dance on her grave.”

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