Season of giving

Mom sinks improbable half-court shot that you must see to believe

If you watch only one sports highlight today, make sure this is it. Angela Ramey, a mom from Minnesota, was given three chances to sink a half-court shot at a school fundraiser recently. And there was a lot riding on that task: If she made the improbable shot, she would win half a year of school tuition for her daughter. Ramey stepped up to mid-court and proceeded to bungle the first two shots, miserably. With only one shot remaining and the school tuition hanging in the balance, Ramey, deploying an underhanded heave that started with the ball near her feet, attempted her third shot. And she bungled that one too … until, miraculously, she didn’t. Much to the surprise of her and pretty much everyone else in the gym watching, the hardwood and the hoop conspired to really embrace this season of giving and the basketball went in. Only her young daughter, Grace, had little doubt that her mom would hit the shot. She told Good Morning America that she knew it was going in all the way. Watch the amazing video above.

Read the full story at USA Today.


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