Gender parity

Magazine offered Gloria Steinem a designer purse to make up for the pay gap

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“It’s important to understand that equal pay would be the most important economic stimulus—way better than paying money to banks and investment houses, like we did in the last economic stimulus. Women are going to use that money, not put it in Swiss bank accounts,” the writer and activist Gloria Steinem told Fusion, when asked about the gender pay gap in an interview, promoting her latest memoir, My Life On The Road. The feminist icon also shared her personal experience with the issue, describing how she complained after being paid less than male journalists for an essay about the women’s movement in TIME magazine, and was sent a Gucci purse “to make up for it.”

When asked about the upcoming presidential election, she said she believed Hillary Clinton would be the one most able to make an actual impact for gender equality because she is  “by far the most experienced — both internationally and nationally — and has the most innovative ideas, her election would clearly make a difference.” She believes there is a “ a very well-financed, fervent right wing that probably sways about 30 percent of the country,” which can be stopped if enough people decide to use their voting power, as “the voting booth is really the only place on earth where the most powerful and least powerful are equal.”

Read the full story at Fusion.


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