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Unwed mothers are now the norm in Argentina, and many are single by choice

A woman holds her child in Buenos Aires. (REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci)

Latin America is now the region with the highest percentage of children born out of wedlock, and Argentine women are okay with that. In Columbia, 84 percent of all children are born to unmarried mothers and numbers are similar across Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. But in Argentina traditional definitions of family are giving way, and women of all economic levels are choosing to have kids alone or in informal unions. Onerous Argentinian marriage laws mean that divorce is a lengthy, complicated, and expensive process, and increasingly the younger generation is opting not to get married at all. In fact, marriages have become so uncommon that some people are paying to attend fake wedding parties in order to have the experience of attending a nuptial. For many women, including María Mercedes Vittar, a human resources manager and mother of two, remaining unmarried has been her choice. “Things have really changed,” she says. “Today, we women are a lot freer. We decide what we like and don’t like. We work. We are independent. And that gives us a lot of strength. We can do it alone if we have to.”

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