Saudi women’s group wins EU prize, for their help in getting women elected

Saudi founder of the "Baladi Initiative", Laila al-Kadhem (C) and co-founder Iman Fallata (L) pose with their award next to Adam Kulach, the head of the European Union delegation in Riyadh, during a European Union Chaillot Prize ceremony on December 14, 2015, in the capital Riyadh. (FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)

A Saudi Arabian women’s group was recognized by the European Union for its work in encouraging and registering Saudi women to run in local elections this year, the first time that women were allowed to vote or run. Twenty women were elected around the country. The European Union’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia said the elections were an achievement for women’s initiatives in the entire region and called them “truly successful.” Ambassador Adam Kulach recognized the work of the Baladi Initiative, which helped women to register to run, at the annual award ceremony for the Chaillot Prize, which recognizes work done for the promotion and protection of human rights. Kulach praised the group for empowering Saudi women and promoting their activities throughout the country.

Read the full story at Arab News.

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