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Police deployed to keep men and women apart on Iran’s ski slopes

An Iranian woman's sunglasses show a reflection of the Dizin ski slope, about 40 km (25 miles) north of Tehran. The resort is a favorite getaway for well-to-do young Tehranians during winter and spring. (REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl)

As the ski season picks up in Iran, it brings plenty of hazards — from frostbite to fraternization. On the slopes of the Elburz mountains outside Tehran, police have been deployed to enforce segregation of male and female skiers, for fear of “immoral offences” being committed. The sexes are strictly separated on the slopes and women are not allowed to ski in the absence of a husband, father or brother.

General Hossein Sajadinia, of the Greater Tehran police force, has promised to crack down on any transgressions. “This year we have sent a number of women officers to learn how to ski so they can carry out their vigilante duties of dealing with women who defy the Islamic hijab and those members of the public who play loud music while mixing with the opposite sex or commit sexual harassment,” he said.


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