Man accused of performing hundreds of forced abortions arrested in Madrid

Members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas. (LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)

Police in Madrid announced earlier this week that they arrested a man, known as “The Nurse,” who allegedly performed hundreds of forced abortions on women fighters of Colombia’s FARC guerrilla group. Said to be an ex-FARC fighter himself, Hector Arboleda Albeidis Buitrago allegedly administered more than 500 unwanted procedures designed to keep women from being lost as “an instrument of war.” According to authorities, he was working as a nurse in Madrid.

Colombia is pushing for extradition as its Attorney General’s office investigates 150 cases of women who claim they were forced to terminate their pregnancies. The FARC has previously denied such practices, saying it makes birth control available for fighters.

Spanish police shared that Colombian authorities believe many of the victims, at least 50 of them underage girls, were raped by fellow FARC fighters. Some abortions occurred in the late stages of pregnancy.

Read the full story at the Guardian.

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