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“Hottie crying therapists” dispatched to Japanese offices to make women bawl

A call center personnel presses her hand to her forehead at an online brokerage company in Tokyo October 23, 2008. (REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao)

Who says women shouldn’t cry in the office? In Japan, a new service called Ikemeso Danshi, roughly translated as Weeping Hotties, sends attractive men into offices to lead employees in group crying exercises designed to relieve tension, according to Refinery29.  The idea was designed by entrepreneur Hiroki Terai, who has staged other cathartic, crying-focused group events in Japan before coming up with this latest business idea. More than 25 offices have so far signed up for the service, in which “licensed professional tear therapists” are dispatched to lead workers through a tear-jerker film, including one about a puppy, and then wipe away the tears of female employees. Offices can request one of six types of therapists: the younger brother, the mature face of the Showa-era, Mr. Tokyo, the intellectual, the rebel, and the “sweet dentist.”

“They’re not allowed to cry in the field,” Mitsue Kujime, who runs a Tokyo music video production company, said of women in the workforce. “So when I heard that there was a service where handsome men would come and wipe your tears, I thought the female staff would be delighted.”

Read the full story at Refinery29.

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