FoxNation commenter arrested for death threats to Planned Parenthood-affiliated firm

(REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

A man who allegedly wrote an anonymous comment on FoxNation asking readers to kill employees of a biotechnology firm that worked with Planned Parenthood has been arrested and charged in California. Scott Anthony Orton allegedly commented under the name “JoseyWhales” and said he would pay other readers to kill employees of StemExpress, which collected fetal tissue donations from Planned Parenthood. Earlier this year a pro-life group released videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of fetal tissue, prompting outrage among many pro-life supporters. Orton allegedly made many of his comments in the hours after the videos were first released.

The violent messages called for employees’ deaths and named specific managers. According to the FBI, Orton has a history of threatening to kill people in comments on FoxNation. During his arrest Orton allegedly told authorities he would not threaten anyone again in the future and was just a “wordsmith” trying to get across his political opinion. He is due in court on December 29.

Read the full story at the Sacramento Bee.


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