Walking in her hijab

Female high school students protest Islamophobia by wearing head scarves


Non-Muslim female students at Vernon Hills High School in Chicago are protesting Islamophobia and racism by wearing traditional Islamic head scarves. Over a dozen girls at the school participated in an initiative called, “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab,” in which the girls wore head scarves in order to better understand the Muslim faith and what it’s like to live as a Muslim woman. The event was coordinated by students in the school’s Muslim Student Alliance, and school principal Jon Guillaume says that the administration supports the initiative completely. “I think this is an opportunity for our kids to embrace the Muslim community within the school,” said Guillaume. “For other kids outside of this organization, to understand what it’s like for these girls to walk through our halls in this garment in a way that stands out from other kids. So, I’m proud of them.” Illinois has the highest population of Muslims in the United States, and Vernon Hills’ students hope their efforts help to combat anti-Muslim sentiment and prejudice.

Read the full story at The Siasat Daily.


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