Glass ceiling

British children think a “Lady Santa” would get lost and be better at cooking

The prospects are not looking good for Mrs. Claus to take over the reindeer reins if Santa isn’t feeling up to the task this year. In an adorable — and adorably heartbreaking — video that’s part of the feminist campaign #morewomen, British children express skepticism that a female Santa Claus would be able to get the tough job of toy delivering done. A couple of little boys were not confident in a female Santa’s navigating skills, telling the videographer “she’d get lost in the sky,” and “you’d have to go around the whole world,” while a handful of girls were worried about what would happen if a woman had to divide her time between having a baby and delivering gifts. A few dissenting voices, including a boy who thought a lady Santa might be “one of the strongest ladies in the world” gave a hopeful finish to the video, but opinion remains divided over the North Pole’s glass ceiling.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.


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