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California based moving company helps victims of domestic violence free of charge

By WITW Staff on December 12, 2015

Shortly after Aaron Steed and his brother founded California based moving company Meathead Movers 18 years ago, he made it company policy that they would move victims of domestic violence free of charge. After the company’s inception, Steed had periodically received calls from women fleeing abusive relationships: “Handling those phone calls made it very real very quick,” says Steed. “As the jobs went on, we realized we were potentially saving lives.”

The company, which mainly employs student athletes, works closely with local domestic violence shelters. The shelters provide training for employees in how to handle situations they may accounter, and the company refers potential victims of domestic violence to the shelters for help. Kathleen Buczko, executive director of Good Shepherd Shelter, a refuge for homeless women and children in Los Angeles, praised Meathead Movers and said her organization had worked with them for about a year. “From an emergency perspective, having the opportunity to move your stuff out and put it in a protected place affords the opportunity for individuals to get into a safe situation quicker,” said Buczko. “They’re wonderful, sensitive, caring and enthusiastic.”

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