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Woman arrested for opening fire on shoplifters vows to “never help anybody again”

Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez. (Auburn Hills Police Department via The New York Times)

Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez, a 46-year-old Michigan woman who made headlines when she opened fire on shoplifters fleeing a store parking lot in an SUV, vowed on Wednesday that she “will never help anybody again.” Duva-Rodriguez was charged with reckless use of a firearm, quickly becoming part of a national discussion on how armed bystanders should respond to violence or crime. Duva-Rodriguez entered a plea of no contest on October 26, and on Wednesday she appeared in court where she had her concealed weapon permit revoked until at least 2023 and was awarded 18 months probation. One of her shots did in fact flatten a tire on the fleeing SUV, and speaking with reporters after the court session Duva-Rodriguez clearly felt hard done by. But if she’s honestly surprised that people object to passers-by firing guns to stop shoplifters, perhaps people are better off without her help after all.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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