“The beast”

American man arrested for operating underage sex trafficking ring in Peru


An American man named Joshua David Brown has been arrested for operating a sex trafficking ring in Peru, offering up girls as young as 4 to foreigners, for fees starting from $500 and up to thousands of dollars. Brown has been dubbed “the beast” in Peru, and is accused of having killed two of his victims, and having sex with some of the children, according to police. “He had a legitimate business in Peru and a parallel dark life trafficking people to exploit sexually,” General Oscar Gonzales, head of the human trafficking police unit told Reuters. “He would bring foreign pedophiles here whom he contacted through the private Internet forum.” Authorities believe this sex ring had been operating for at least 12 years, and were able to rescue some 36 victims — 11 of them minors, who are now in care of child protective services. A 26-year old victim of Brown, who had been abused since she was 14, is being accused of being an accomplice herself, having no scruples in offering up her daughters, aged 4 and 7, online. Brown could face criminal charges in the U.S. too, under the Protect Act, which was designed to end exploitation of children. “The children and adults rescued as part of this case lived a horrible nightmare at the hands of these monsters,” an official for U.S.’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who worked on the case with Peruvian authorities said. “Our message is clear: if you’re abusing the innocent, we will not rest until you’re found and put behind bars.”

Read the full story at Fox News.

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