Betrayal of trust

Submariners court-martialed for filming female shipmates changing

Crew members stand topside on the USS Wyoming. (U.S. Navy photo)

For 10 months a small ring of submariners on the Wyoming recorded and shared videos of their female shipmates undressing in the shower changing room, a betrayal that has scandalized the U.S. sub force and some of the trailblazing officers who made history as the first women submariners. Submarine crews spend months at a time on patrols in close quarters, and are famous for becoming tight-knit: “Members of your crew become like family,” says Lt. Jennifer Carroll, a submariner who served aboard the Maine and was never recorded by the Wyoming ring. “This event contradicted what I thought was a universal sense of camaraderie among submariners.”

Three sailors were found responsible for filming the women by crawling into unmanned spaces and peering through “air gaps in the bulkheads” with cell phones and an iPod touch. Some of the women are reluctant to continue to serve alongside crewmembers who may have seen the videos, but others hope the incident is an aberration. Of the 12 sailors found to have filmed, distributed, watched, or heard about the videos, eight were court-martialed, three went to captain’s mast (a disciplinary hearing held before the sailor’s commanding officer), and one was released without charges.

Read the full story at USA Today.

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