“She’ll have to prove it”

Millionaire accused of rape claims he accidentally “fell and penetrated” teenage victim

A view of Southwark Crown Court in London, where Abdulaziz's trial is taking place. (BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Ehsan Abdulaziz, a millionaire property developer who is standing trial for allegedly raping a teenager while she was sleeping, claimed in court that he accidentally penetrated her when he fell on top of her.  The 46-year old had met his victim in a London nightclub, where she had been partying with a mutual friend of theirs. He offered both women a lift home, before inviting them in for a “nightcap” at his apartment, where he invited the mutual friend into his bedroom for sex. According to the victim, the next thing she remembers is waking up in the morning with the accused forcing himself onto her. According to the prosecutor, she then got up to find her friend, and when she couldn’t wake her, got out of the apartment as quickly as she could and called the police. Abdulaziz, when arrested, responded to the police: “She’ll have to prove it.” At first he claimed that the teenager had pulled him onto her and placed his hand between her legs, but was re-interviewed when DNA tests found traces of semen. “He said in the second interview she pushed his hands down on to her vagina,” the prosecutor told the court. “He said that he did fall onto her and his penis may have penetrated her vagina. You may consider, members of the jury, him changing the account he was giving.” Abdulaziz still denies he raped the teenager, and the trial continues.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.

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