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Barbra Streisand on the presidential race and Hollywood’s double standards

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In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter Barbra Streisand discussed her experiences with sexism in her six-decade career, talking about how double standards in Hollywood affected her, and the way “language defines the problem of the way women and men are viewed.” The singer, actress and director said she had often been labeled “aggressive” or “difficult”, which she believes are labels unfairly given to women. “We’re just measured by a different standard,” Streisand told THR. “He’s ‘committed.’ She’s ‘obsessed.’ It’s been said that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Why can’t that be true of a woman?”

Streisand also discussed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, saying she found her a bit stiff and uncomfortable at first, but “amazing” now. “She has found her voice, which is her voice. Some women, at the beginning of our so-called “Women’s Revolution,” were trying to impersonate men. And it’s like, “No. Realize the full power of your being — the power of the feminine — and use that.”

When asked about Donald Trump, she called him “funny” and said she often found herself thinking “this can’t be happening.”

The diva also weighed in on Taylor Swift — the only other artist who had a platinum album last year — and Apple Music and explained why she refuses to put music on in the car.

Read the full story at The Hollywood Reporter.


Barbra Streisand’s fiery fight against “grave gender disparity”

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