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Meet the 13-year-old climate change hero suing North Carolina over emissions

via Our Children's Trust

North Carolina’s greatest advocate pushing to end climate change may be different than you’d expect: her name is Hallie Turner, she’s from Raleigh, and she’s 13 years old. She’s been publicly pushing for action against climate change since she was ten and, in December 2014, submitted a petition calling for the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission (EMC) to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 4 percent each year until 2050 and filed suit against the state. She didn’t get a chance to speak during oral arguments in November, but said, “It’s nice to know that my voice was heard, no matter how this turns out.” Turner’s activism started at dinnertime conversation and had grown into marches for the environment and iMatter, a youth-based advocacy group.

“Our government has a responsibility to create a healthy and sustainable environment,” she said to Indy Week. “Our leaders haven’t been living up to that.”

Superior Court Judge Michael Morgan promised to hand down a ruling in Turner’s case before Thanksgiving, but no verdict has come in.

Read the full story at Al Jazeera America.

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