Hotel clerk calls 911 on transgender guests to “make sure they’re not hookers”

A transgender woman named Meagan Taylor has filed a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission in the wake of alleged transphobia by staff at a Des Moines Hotel. Taylor and her best friend, who is also a transgender woman, stopped at the Drury Inn & Suites on their way to a funeral, Buzzfeed News reports. While checking in, Taylor presented a hotel clerk with her ID, which identified her by her male birth name. “Both the clerk and the manager gave us looks of disgust when they were not avoiding eye contact,” Taylor wrote in her complaint. The hotel manager then called 911 to report that “somebody that is a little unusual … is checking into the hotel.” A transcript of the call reveals that the manager also told the 911 dispatcher that Taylor and her friend were “dressed a little bit over the top, too,” and that she wanted “to make sure they’re not hookers either.”

According to Taylor’s complaint, police arrived at the hotel the next day and found the hormones that she takes as part of her medical transition. They arrested her for not having a prescription, and jailed her for several days in solitary confinement. All charges against Taylor have been dropped. “This ordeal was humiliating, scary, and traumatizing,” Taylor wrote in her complaint. “I felt powerless and degraded. I realized I was not welcome in a public place simply because of who I am.”

Read the full story at Buzzfeed News.

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