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Florida police seek help identifying images of women in possible danger

Windermere police, in Florida, are still seeking information about several women pictured on their Facebook page. (Facebook/Windermere Chief David Ogden)

UPDATED: Police in Windermere, Florida have sought the public’s help in identifying the images of several women, some of whom may no longer be alive. On Tuesday, investigators released 14 crime bulletins, video screen-grabs of nine women, and photos of identifying markers like tattoos and jewelry. The women were filmed in compromising positions and appear to be unconscious in all of the images. Several women have been identified since the images were released to the public, but the whereabouts of others are still unknown.

By Wednesday, police had identified several of the women, according to a post on Windermere Chief David Ogden’s Facebook page. Five women had been positively identified and were all safe, he wrote. “We are still following many leads and may have others identified but are not 100 percent certain,” he added. “Those women are safe at this time as well.”

Police asked that people wanting to help assist only in identifying those women still pictured on the Facebook page, rather than in an earlier image that showed nine women.

Police did not say why they were looking for these women specifically, but did reveal that the images were taken prior to 2011. The case may be linked to a sexual assault investigation into Windermere resident Darryl Patterson, though police would not confirm this. “We are not sure if they are harmed,” Chief David Ogden said on Tuesday of the women in the images. “We’re not sure if they’re safe. We’re not sure if they’re even alive, to be honest with you. Some of our biggest fears are that these cases are so old that maybe there’s somebody out there that isn’t alive any longer.”

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