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Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting suspect shouts “I’m guilty” in court

Robert Lewis Dear, 57 (REUTERS/Andy Cross/Pool - RTX1XZWV)

Robert L. Dear Jr. appeared in a Colorado court in person for the first time on Wednesday, frequently disrupting proceedings with angry shouts and declarations.

“I’m guilty. There’s no trial. I’m a warrior for the babies,” he yelled, The New York Times reports.

Dear was charged with 179 counts, including first-degree murder, after allegedly opening fire at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic in November. The attack with an assault-style rifle left three dead and nine wounded.

In a separate outburst Dear said, “Could you add the babies that were supposed to be aborted that day? Could you add that to the list?”

Dear was arrested after more than a five-hour standoff with police. According to one law enforcement official, in a rambling statement made to authorities after the arrest, Dear said “no more baby parts.” Though, officials have not given an official motive for the shooting.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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