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James Deen denies rape allegations, says claims have been “distorted by the media”

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James Deen has blamed the growing rape allegations against him on ex-girlfriends who were bitter about break-ups or miscommunications during the filming of porn scenes, in his first interview since the scandal erupted. Aurora Snow, who has worked on porn sets, read portions of the accuser’s claims against Deen and asked him about the events. Deen said that many of the stories were exaggerations, inaccurate, or “distorted by the media.” He also suggested that multiple women had told him that journalists had offered them up to $5,000 for stories about him.

Deen told Snow that “it is very hard to discuss the intricacies of a porn set with people who have not experienced being on a porn set — particularly a BDSM or rough sex set” and that many of the accusations come from misunderstandings on porn sets in which women never spoke up about feeling uncomfortable at the time. He said the women could always use safe words including “stop,” “red,” and “mercy.”

“I don’t want to blame other people, especially the victim, but if people don’t communicate things when they’re happening then it is not possible to honor retroactive boundaries,” he said.

He also said that despite his boy-next-door image, he has never claimed that title or the title of feminist for himself, and is proud of his non-politically correct humor.

“I have always had a dark sense of humor as I think a lot of people in my circle do as well — dead baby jokes, Holocaust jokes, rape jokes, no arm/no legs jokes, racist jokes. I don’t condone prejudice. I operate outside of the overly-PC public world we live in. I’m not PC. But making a rape joke does not make one a rapist,” he said.

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