“Love and liberty”

Vegas lawmaker sends out Christmas card showing entire family brandishing guns

(Facebook/Michele Fiore)

Because nothing quite says “Merry Christmas” like some heavily-armed little kids, a Las Vegas assemblywoman has disseminated a Christmas card featuring a photo of her whole family dressed in festive matching red shirts — and wielding guns. Needless to say, the ridiculous Christmas card, which shows one small boy of about 5 years of age holding a pistol, is drawing national attention. Las Vegas Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is a card-carrying, lifetime member of the NRA and she also posted an image of the card on her Facebook page with the message: “It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family – With love & liberty, Michele.” The post went up one day before the mass shooting in San Bernardino that claimed 14 lives and injured 21 others. But the assemblywoman still stands by the additional message of her Christmas card, saying, “Get armed, get trained, get your head out of the sand and be prepared.”

Read the full story at CNN.com.

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