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Nominees for “Celebrity Feminist of the Year” include Amy Schumer, Laverne Cox and … 2 men

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Laverne Cox, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Schumer, Amandla Stenberg, Jennifer Lawrence… This year’s shortlist for “Feminist Celebrity of the Year,” an award given out by the Ms Foundation For Women and, features an impressive array of famous women who made powerful feminist statements in 2015. The award, which will be decided through an online poll, is designed to recognize those celebrities who  “not only publicly identified as feminists but worked to change the national and international dialogue around diversity, inclusiveness and intersectionality.” There are a few surprises on the nominee list as well: Matt McGorry, the Orange is the New Black actor, made the list after publicly announcing his support for the feminist cause on Facebook earlier this year. Ever since, he has “made it a point to publicly discuss issues that disproportionately affect women”, writing about issues such as equal pay and encouraging other men to call themselves feminists, too. The other male nominee on the list is Aziz Ansari, who received props for addressing misogyny and gender inequality through his stand-up comedy and his hilarious new Netflix show Master of None. For example,  earlier this year on David Letterman, he explained why anyone who believes in gender equality should call themselves a feminist — using a perfect Beyonce analogy. While some might be surprised by the inclusion of men on this list, we’re sure that Emma Watson – who launched the UN’s HeForShe campaign in 2014, but is not nominated this year – would be proud of McGorry and Ansari.

See the full list of nominees here.

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