Men’s rights

Women are ardent supporters of India’s powerful Men’s Rights movement

A photo of Deepika Bhardwaj (third from left), a men’s rights activist in India. (Facebook/Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj - Voice of Falsely Accused Men)

A growing “men’s rights movement” in India has as some of its most ardent supporters a cadre of women who say that the country’s signature laws protecting women from abuse, rape, and sexual assault unfairly victimize men. The women who are part of India’s Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), including one with a PhD in women’s studies, told Buzzfeed they are anti-feminist and have witnessed men in their own lives being victimized by the country’s laws. They criticize the country’s 40-some laws that relate to the protection of women and lack of laws that equally protect men, and say that men are also unfairly victimized by divorce and custody laws.

The rise of the MRA counters the increasing popularity of feminism in India, where  it has become a national talking point and popular theme in Bollywood. The activists have tried to counter the messaging of the pro-feminist supporters, using hashtags online including #FeminismTerrorism and #FeminismIsCruelty. Deepika Bhardwaj, a 29-year-old filmmaker, said MRA’s collective hatred comes from feminists’ “outright rejection of men and their issues.”

“When [feminists] were empowering one gender, they could have foreseen that this might lead to the other gender being victimized,” she said.

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