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“Disgusting” Christmas billboard featuring Caitlyn Jenner triggers outrage


It’s that time of year when everyone gets in the Christmas spirit, but spreading holiday cheer can be a treacherous endeavor, as one advertising company in New Zealand has learned the hard way. Cranium Signage posted a billboard featuring the now-famous image of Jenner that appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, photoshopped to show a Santa Claus hat propped on her head alongside the words, “I hope your sack is fuller than mine this Christmas.” The billboard elicited strong reactions from those who saw it, some of whom described it as “absolutely disgusting” and “seriously horrible.” Rebecca Jones, who lives just outside of Auckland and whose 9-year-old child is transgender, was indignant over the sign. “Transgender suicide rates are extremely high,” she reportedly said. “If they had put a racist board up, would they have got away with it? They shouldn’t be mocking a marginalized sector of society.” Amid the flurry of criticism, the company apologized for the sign, made a donation to a charity that supports LBGT youth and explained that there were no malicious intentions behind the billboard. After apologizing, the owner of the business reportedly told one person who complained, “I think you may need to take a look at yourself and relax a bit and not take life so seriously. I was referring to a santa sack, your sick mind is the problem.”

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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