Parents are now naming their babies after … Instagram filters

In need of inspiration for your newborn’s name? Look no further than your smartphone! According to the Baby Center website’s list of most popular baby boy names, Lux is up 75 percent, while Ludwig is up 42 percent and Amaro 26 percent. For girls, Juno went up 30 percent, Valencia was up 26 percent, and Willow 13 percent. Yup, you’ve read that right: people are naming their babies after popular Instagram filters. “This is the first time we’ve seen technology breakthrough as a source of name inspiration,” said Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s global editor in chief. “Photo-sharing is a daily and emotional part of Millennials’ lives, and those two ingredients can trigger love for a name.”

Other remarkable trends: celestial baby names, once popular with ‘60s hippies, are making a comeback, with Venus (up 68 percent since 2014) and Jupiter (up 50 percent) as stand-outs. And people still draw from popular culture for inspiration as well: the TV show Empire, for example, more than likely inspired the births of several Dre’s (a 77 percent rise since 2014), Lyon’s (61 percent up) and Hakeems (a 55 percent rise). Nevertheless, novelty baby names remain somewhat of an exception, as more traditional names keep topping the charts: Jackson took the number-one spot for boys’ names third year in a row, while Sophia held on to her top spot for girls names for a sixth consecutive year.

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